This is it. I’m online. I have a web presence. Yay.
It’s two days after Christmas. I’ve wanted to get online for a while, being an IT guy but I’ve kept not doing it. I suppose I’ve thought I’m not interesting enough, and I may not be, but now I don’t care anymore. So I’m here now. So I’ve spent about 5 hours getting my website setup, installing and uninstalling different options (as given to me by my provider).

I’ve settled on a ‘blog’ which is totally trendy… It seems the simplest way to quickly write things as I go, without worrying about html and such. I can use html, and I could possibly try to figure out my own php based system, but sheesh - I just got my own website, I don’t want to screw around CREATING it now… that would take ages.

I’ve installed a Firefox extension called ‘Performancing’ which I’m sure is not as amazingly cool for seasoned bloggers as it is for me.

That’s it… that’s my first entry. I hope it didn’t suck so bad. Have a nice day.