So I have neglectfully not blogged since my update during class last week. All week I was thinking I had already. When my mum1 said she’d read my site and hoped class would get better for me I realised the impression I had left you with was still that I had no idea what was going on, and it was all over my head.

Thankfully that is not the case! Last week I discovered that I’m right on track, I’m keeping pace with my class, and I’m thoroughly enjoying myself. Working through some problems on Monday and Tuesday night was a blast, and I’m really enjoying what I’m learning. That said I hit a roadblock when the final problem asked me to create a sort of menu system for creating and updating the details of housing units. In class last week we covered if statements, and this week loops, so I don’t feel at all bad about leaving the problem till this week, as I’m pretty sure the best way to handle the menus is with loops.

On the other hand, I’m not certain the best way to structure things. I could whack the whole code into the main method, and play it like a batch file, or I could fumble about a bit and try breaking the code into classes/methods and seeing how that goes. One way I know will work, the other is the right way… So I’ve put it off for homework this week and hopefully I’ll get enough into my head tonight to help push me the right way.

So no code examples this week. I suppose I could chuck something in here, but they’re all getting mighty long (and who’s reading it really?), even to do the simplest tasks.

Thank you everyone who’s been commenting and answering my silly questions. It’s all really helpful, and makes me feel like I’m becoming a part of the programming community!

  1. hello mum! ↩︎