What you need is a way to give instant feedback on TV and radio. The Internet is a wonderful thing, where you can switch off things that annoy you, and turn away from sites that don’t do it for you.

Radio and TV don’t give you that luxury. This is not about intrusive advertising, or even programming that doesn’t work for you (Big Brother?

  • turning it over to another channel isn’t enough). This is about entertainment that we care about being in our control.

Imagine turning on the radio and enjoying your favourite station. Then imagine that it gets hijacked by some irritating presenter that makes pointless small-talk for ten minutes between each song with boring callers. And not just your ordinary radio banter, but grating train-of-thought, deep-voiced “You’re a bit of a pickle-head now aren’t you, ho-ho?” stupidity. Wouldn’t the world be a nicer place if switching the radio off in disgust would give someone somewhere immediate feedback

  • maybe a mild electrical shock?

Edit: ARGH! He’s doing TV commercials now! Will the madness never cease?