This post was my response to a question asked by Ronnie Swafford on Newsvine: Why was he, a Windows Programmer with no obvious need for a Mac so drawn to get an Apple computer?

I answered (and am yet to see if he responds), but noticed what a huge comment I’d written and thought it could be a blog entry in itself. So here is why you want a Mac.

You want a Mac because Apple seems to have a philosophy that says, “do what must be done to make this a positive, well rounded experience”.

It’s an interesting idea, and it got people (myself included) to realise that PC’s are holding advances in tech back. Consider this, Apple ditched numerous PC staples that people relied on, and are only now realising they don’t need:

  1. Out dated peripheral ports (parallel, serial, ps2) choosing USB and Firewire alone to connect peripherals - and how much simpler is that?

  2. Ditched floppies too. I would rather tech support a Mac than a PC for this reason alone…

  3. Said goodbye to System 9. They supported it for a reasonable time, but made it clear all along that their system would not be bogged down trying to make everyone happy

  4. Have sort of shown that they will use stable, or new and emerging technologies (with their own spin on it) instead of insisting that people keep using ‘updated’ (feature-tacked-on) versions of their old proprietary technology. Again - System 9 was ditched in favour of a nix backbone. They include apache and php with the OS. Compare Microsoft who keep loading pile after pile of re-worked re-hashed proprietary stuff on the public, locking more and more people into ‘their’ system.

Sure these things annoyed some people, but it’s clear that Mac’s are ‘moving forward’ while PC’s are stuck catering to people stuck in the past.

All in all, I feel like I’m taking charge when I buy a Mac - no one will tell me what to I have to use. Of course this isn’t always true and I prefer Firefox because Apple decided I couldn’t use the latest version of Safari without purchasing Tiger. But more often than not, if I see it coming to a PC in the future, Apple is already doing it.

If Apple pioneers something new (this is hypothetical) I can imagine that they will use existing standards to make it work securely and easily, and start to phase out whatever it replaces. If Microsoft or Dell were to make this hypothetical Doohickyâ„¢ it would use their own proprietary software/hardware combo, communicate in a completely new and patentable way, be full of bugs, and contain a bunch of bits and bobs that make it (theoretically) usable with technology I hated ten years ago when it was in it’s prime, and now isn’t used by anyone but my Gran.

You want a Mac because it speaks to you of future world that doesn’t need endless configuration, doesn’t rely on and adhere to old tech, and will move and change easily with the advances of our field.