Home of Jon Klassen and very talented artist and animator.

I was catching up on my Channel Frederator (now only 11 weeks behind), and was thrilled by the simplicity and elegance of their 100th cartoon short - An eye for Annai (Episode 26).*

This beautiful film is the story of little one-eyed Annai, a little fellow who’s on the hunt for a second eye. His journey takes him from tall mountains to the depths of the sea (look out for a tiny recorder rendition of the Imperial March - Darth Vader’s theme). How Jon has managed to pour so much expression into a creature with only an eye and a mouth is wonderful to watch.

This is animated film like it should be.

So I checked out his site (above) and found a lot of his work to be just as simply beautiful as An Eye for Annai. He’s put a widescreen version of the short on Putfile. Check it.