Teeny tiny candycanes on the tips of someone's fingers
Miniature Peppermint Candy Canes

Not your usual Christmas Candy

I’ve scoured Soundcloud (for literally hours) to find the best Christmas music I could find and my playlist is finally complete. It’s chock full of Christmas favourites (and a few new ones) that are guaranteed to:

  1. Bring Christmas cheer
  2. Not suck1

30 tracks from the likes of Ivy Levan, Swing Republic, Pomplamoose, and Owen Pye. Who are these people you ask? Well, they’re all great musicians and they each have a unique sound to bring to your Christmas celebrations. Including favourites like Away in a Manger, Carol of the Bells, and even the Theme from Home Alone.

Over an hour of music, all completely free (although Soundcloud lets you buy tracks if you so desire)!

2010 Playlist

  1. There might be one deliberately awful track. See if you can spot it. ↩︎