I know Taryn from her days on the state school ICT helpdesk. She was very helpful and cheerful (on the outside at least), and willing to work through stuff over the phone. Then she moved into the section that dealt with website stuff, got hopelessly frustrated and left for greener pastures, but not before drafting the guidelines that schools can use to make their websites meet govt. standards… although most schools don’t1.

So anyway, somewhere in there we started chatting, and twittering, and I’ve come to appreciate her enthusiasm for technology and her artistic flair. Her knowledge of memes is awe inspiring2, AND she’s fourth on Twitterholic for Adelaide! So she’s practically a celebrity.

She keeps a couple of websites: you can stalk her using this list of her website profiles or check out her professional stuff.

Follow @Tarale on Twitter if you want to keep abreast of wacky internets goings on, or need some clever social commentary. Look for the happy (or sometimes crazy looking) pink bunny.

  1. check out http://www.uhs.sa.edu.au for one that does ↩︎

  2. it really is a useful skill… really ↩︎