Recently, the Wave Team have made a big push to publicise more bots and extensions. In a post to the Google Wave Help forum, Kylie announced that some users might start seeing a new Extensions link in their navigation panel. Then enterprising Wavers noted that anyone could get access to this Extension information with a search for [<a title=“Search on Google Wave for Extensions” href=“"&gt;].

Now Google have made it easier than ever to submit an extension to the Wave Extension review team using a simple bot.


Create a new wave and add the Submitty bot (, and Submitty will create a submission form for you to fill out. At the bottom are a couple of checkboxes. If you check either of these boxes, you’ll be prompted to fill in more information about your bot and/or gadget. Finally, you add the Extension Review Group ( to your wave to submit your extension.

By making this process easier, the Wave team hopes to encourage development of extensions to rapidly build up an ecosystem around Wave. Without a varied and useful set of apps, Wave will remain no more than a fun experiment.

Which also explains their dedication to an extensive and open API which they continue to enhance with supporting bots. In addition to the Submitty bot, they have released Gadgitty, a bot for editing your gadgets inline and seeing the results straight away.

Between these two bots and the others submitted by the Google Wave APIs Team, it’s obvious how important developers are to the creators of Wave, and I hope it spurs further experimentation from the wave community.