Rex plunged through the vortex, falling like a paraglider into an unknown destination. Rex was right behind him.

When Rex and his younger self had confronted Mondex outside the casino, they had expected a fight. Instead, Mondex had tapped his belt and plunged into the time vortex that opened up behind him.

Past and future Rex had jumped in after him and were headed who-knows-where without a plan.

They grinned at each other.

“Nothing like a night of improvisation,” they both said together, and barked a laugh in unison.

“Get ready,” said future Rex, who’d taken point on their fall through time.

The shiny, inky walls of the vortex sworled away into nothing in front of them and both Rexes barrel rolled into ready crouches, guns drawn, sweeping the area for threats.

It was dark.

A glowing blue pane of glass barely illuminated two dark figures against the opposite wall. The heroes swung their guns on their surprise assailants.

A dolphin swam through the aquarium water behind them and their eyes adjusted to the dim light. A frightened elderly couple clutched each other and waited for the identical madmen to move.

“Evening folks,” they both said as they holstered their guns.

“You see another chap come through a blinding flash of light?” asked future Rex.

The couple pointed down a corridor.

“Thank you both,” said past Rex as they headed for the exit.