I have just started reading Psycho by Robert Bloch. Actually, I think I may have read it before, but it’s hard to tell. Of course I’ve seen the movie, which confuses the issue further, but I can’t help feeling like I’ve compared it to the movie before. Please understand, it’s not that I remember reading it, just comparing it to the movie…

So now I’m all confused. For those of you who haven’t seen the movie: Why not? Do yourself a favour. Those of you jaded by today’s clich├ęd Hollywood movies, rent this and see it tonight. Don’t get the colour remake, get the Alfred Hitchcock original. It’s a masterpiece. The story (courtesy of Robert Bloch) is stunning, and in Alfred’s hands could have only be made even better.

So no, it doesn’t matter that I haven’t read it. Or don’t think I have. Only that I’m going to.

Update: 2006-03-14 I’ve finished reading it now, and I made Mil re-watch it with me (I ignored her protests - it’s not scary

It really is great. I didn’t understand what people meant when I first watched it - but it truly is a remarkable story, in both forms. If Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings couldn’t convince you that a book can be made into a movie without some of the bits you’d think should be kept, then maybe Alfred’s treatment of Robert’s story will. And Mil loved it too.\