Google Logo made ofLEGO

google_logo by Gayle Laakmann McDowell.

OK, I haven’t Googled it so this game might already exist.

Two or more players - one player does a bit of research (if they need to) and declares some piece of information that the other players must find. Ideally it should be something that will only be found on one page on the net - not common info like you might find on Wikipedia, but rather some small factoid on some obscure website in the outer reaches of the internet.

Then the other players have to craft the perfect search phrase that will produce that page in the top result of a Google search - without using any of the actual words you’re searching for, or any prior knowledge of the page to your advantage. The player’s score decreases with every failed attempt to make it into the top spot.

I can’t think of anyone geeky enough to actually play this with me, so it’s purely hypothetical. And it’d probably need honing and crafting to make it playable. If you’re geeky enough you might also like Googlewhacking or you could check out this online archive of Google games.