I’ve updated my website’s theme in honour of the biggest news I’ve had since I told my family and friends I was getting married. And unlike then, it’s actually taken people by surprise!

It’s mine… MINE…

Our house! OUR house! I own a house, and it’s mine… Crazy.

It’s everything we were looking for in a home. It’s so good it’s almost making me believe that God cares again.

There are four different fruit trees, an outside ‘rumpus’ room and plenty of room for a new puppy we’ll be getting any day now.

When the contract was signed I thought I should update the site to reflect the changes that are about to happen in our lives. The four themes available are the new (default theme) a black-on-white theme for my dad, a chunky theme that’s easier to read, and my original theme.

Also of note is the only image of Camilla Nunn that you will find online (unless you search hard). I think she was so happy she couldn’t deny my wish to put us up.