I’ve never met Mo. You might think I’m afraid of him because he’s scary lookin’ or because he’s a “400ft tall doomsday megabot1” but I’m not. I just haven’t had the opportunity yet. He isn’t scary online though - in fact he’s quite the opposite. His avatar shoots laser beams from his eyes, but I’m sure they’re laser beams of joy.

I’ve followed Mo soon after I joined Twitter. He’s one of the more active Adelaide Twitterers, despite the fact that he’s unapologetically2 a Friendfeed fanboy. He’s just as active on both services though, and happily pops in and out of both to carry on cheerful conversations with his many followers. He’s helpful and talented, and an inspiration with his (rassafrassin) custom workouts. He tweeted the beginning of his plan to get fit, and has reported huge successes since, showing tremendous determination.

His ReactionDynamics site showcases his photography and 3D design work, as well as his impressive resume. It also contains a picture of Mo with his sweet Abraham Lincoln beard3.

If you wanna follow someone who’s well known to both Twitterers and Friendfeeders alike, who sometimes talks like a robot, has a wicked wit, and is and all-around overachiever, follow @mokargas. And on Friendfeed too, if that’s your thang.

  1. web developer ↩︎

  2. and understandably ↩︎

  3. Beard buddies! ↩︎