Matt is a fellow school support officer, doing ICT at another large metropolitan high school. He’s highly qualified and extremely knowledgeable, and a huge Microsoft fanboy. He’s my first port of call for questions about Windows Server and Active Directory, as I know he’s always on top of the latest information from Redmond.

Commander Keen also has an iPhone fetish. For months he paid me out about mine, but it turns out he really was just jealous. So now he has one of those fancy ones that does video and your taxes. They are pretty neat I guess.

He looks out for his friends and is willing to drop everything to help out a mate. He’s a prolific poster on the ICT help forum and email lists we have in the department, and his answers are actually helpful1 . Since he joined Twitter, I’ve discovered he knows half the geeks in Adelaide already.

So if you want to follow someone who really knows their tech, Microsoft2, Open Source, and other geeky stuff and is super friendly and a good mate of mine — hit up @Talie5in.

  1. I know! ↩︎

  2. and now Apple ↩︎