A screenshot of a wordpress theme showing website text that looks vaguely like the Commodore 64 initial boot screen

I loved my old Commodore 64. It had fantastically playable games, neat 16 colour graphics, and that awesome SID chip for the charmingly wonky C=64 sound. You could program on it, play on it, wait for things to load on it…

It had cartridges, it had a tape drive, it had a clunky disk drive that worked marginally faster than the tape drive. Really, it was shit compared to what we have today, but man-oh-man it still outstrips every one of the computers any true geek has ever owned since.

On Monday, the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California, will celebrate the C64’s 25th anniversary. CNN article on Commodore 64 anniversary

In August 2007, the Commodore 64 made it to 25 years old. And in honour of the Computer History Museum’s celebrations, I have created a Commodore 64 Wordpress theme to add to my website. If you’ve come to this page wondering why my site is all big and blue and chunky - it’s to pay respect to a truly wonderful computer.

If you’ve come here looking to get the theme yourself - let me know and I’ll see if I can make it available to download. It’s still a work-in-progress, so expect to see some changes before things finally settle and I haven’t tested it on any versions of IE. It’s a little harder to navigate, so I’ve made a menu link up there in the top right corner, so you don’t get completely lost.

I’ve made the comment areas blue too, so you can relive the joys of typing LOAD “*",8,1 yourself, so go on and leave me a comment. And everyone, please be patient for the next two weeks and join me in remembering one of the best computers I’ve ever owned.

LOAD “*",8,1