Image of a brokenlaptop

Present, originally uploaded by S Baker.

Man I love on-site warranties. Nothing beats not having to lift a finger to fix a problem that you just know would normally be a nightmare to fix.

No more frantically replacing random parts hoping and praying that it’s a part that you actually have spare. No more calls to various parts vendors for the obscure broken component, only to have to travel across town to the only place that MIGHT have it in stock. No more hunting for boxes big enough to hold the dead PC so you can ship it back to be repaired at base, only to have it returned in three weeks - just long enough to have been berated daily by the user who needs it, but not long enough to declare it legally dead and have it replaced.

Nope. On-site warranties all the way. Sure it might cost you a little more, but it’s worth it - just knowing that if something dies, it’ll be fixed by week’s end with no more than a phone call.