Update: 2007-12 My feed is superceded by the ACTUAL OFFICIAL triple j: new music podcast. Please subscribe to it! It includes links to the actual MP3s.

Update: 2008-08-29 I’ve deleted the feed from Feedburner, as it’s no longer necessary.

Triple J (an Australian youth radio station) has been putting free music up on their site for years for people to download in MP3 format. They don’t really seem to have a way of telling people when new music is up there though.

Well today I found a use for the wonderful Feed43 service that’s been sitting in my bookmarks folder, and I’ve created a simple feed that should keep track of the new music as it’s posted.

I’m making the feed public with this disclaimer: I don’t own the music and have nothing to do with the Triple J website. Use it at your own risk. If it breaks I reserve the right to not fix it. If I am told to stop it by Triple J I will. I have not included a direct link to the music to avoid as many issues as possible - please visit the Triple J website to download the songs.

Otherwise, I hope you find it useful!