My good friend Elle has started a product review site called Do I Keep It?. The site covers an assortment of products under broad categories such as “Health and Beauty”, “Pets”, and “Technology and Entertainment”.

The site is new, and has only been semi-officially launched, but she’s working hard on it. The reviews are short and well written, and kinda cute. For example, her first review (and my favourite) is for Coles brand Bathroom Wipes, which I’m fairly certain has never been reviewed ever before - so, you know world exclusive!

I’ve also written a guest review for the site for PaperClip Stapleless Staplers, and Elle was kind enough to publish it. I hope to write more for the site in future. I also have to say1, I CAME UP WITH THE NAME HOW AWESOME AM I?!

You can also follow @doikeepit on Twitter.

Do I Keep It?

  1. full disclosure here ↩︎