My mate Andrew thought my last post was a bit technical for him, and fair enough - it was something of limited value to some of my readers. So this post is for him.

Andrew asked how he could create a ringtone for his new iPhone. He knew it was possible, but it’s really not straight forward (in Australia at least, elsewhere iTunes has this functionality built in). So I’ve whipped up this little tutorial for him to remind him how to do it.

Some rules:

  • You need to have the right to use the music you’re using. The music should be DRM (Digital rights management) free. Technically I don’t have the right to use the song in my example.

  • The ringtone has to be 30 seconds long, and no longer. It’s worth spending time finding exactly the section you want

  • You can use music you have created yourself. You can create and export it as AAC (Advanced Audio Coding), or you could just drag it into iTunes and follow my instructions

Creating iPhone Ringtones

I hope this tutorial is helpful. I know there are a ton of pages that go through this process, but Andrew reads this site. I’m also not sure if it will work on Windows, maybe someone can try it and tell me.

Thank you for watching.