I’ve linked to comics I’ve liked in the past, and have been meaning to do the same with this one for a while. Starslip Crisis is the cleverest web comic I read. Set in the year 3441, the crew of the Starship Fuseli take art and culture to the furthest reaches of the Galaxy.

The Fuseli is a museum starship, and its curator Memnon Vanderbeam is fussy, arrogant and rude, but also loyal, brave and a damn good captain in a pinch. Cutter Edgewise is co-captain (much to Vanderbeam’s disgust)

Some fantastic sci-fi staples are put to good use too. The adding of “space” onto normal words to add a “futuristic” feel. The liberal use of techno-babble.

If you have the time, start at the beginning and work your way forward. If you don’t, at least start with this guide to get an idea of what’s going. Then subscribe to the feed.