I saw Kung-Fu Hussle on the weekend. It was tops.

It was a lot of good fun. Don’t see it expecting your life to be changed, see it to laugh. See it to watch groups of people fighting in totally improbable ways. Watch it to pick out the references to other movies. I think the eastern superhero is growing on me.

The western superhero has a scientific origin. Superman is an alien, the Green Lantern has a device, Spider-Man was bitten by a modified spider - all very clear-cut scientifically explainable origins. The eastern heroes on the other hand all have the same origins. The power comes from within. Each character has a special power just like our western heroes, but it is a manifestation of their inner power and their training. So one character may have the power of the wind, or the power of a particular animal. They’re just like our heroes, but with very different back-stories.

So check out Kung-Fu Hussle if you’re in need of a superhero fix before the release of Spider-Man 3 next year, or are lonely for The Matrix, or just need something to see next Friday night.